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Assault is an act that causes another person to apprehend an immediate infliction of unlawful force on his person. The person who commits assault should charge intentionally and directly uses unreasonable force on another person.

Besides being a crime, assault is also traumatizing for the person who goes through it. That is why Denver, CO has strict laws against it. Every individual has the right to live as per his wishes and cannot tolerate assault. It is considered an infringement of the right not to be tortured, which is an absolute right that cannot take away at any cost.

Hiring an assault attorney 

If you have suffered any threatening behavior, you should reach out to us. Our assault attorneys at Lonn Heymann Law Firm, P.C. have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to assault. They are a pure humanitarian who will help you make the defendant liable for the crimes he commits. Suppose you or your loved ones have been a victim of the assault. In that case, they will feel security and satisfaction after ensuring that the defendant is charged or arrested, which is essential for the victim to live his life peacefully.

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