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Domestic violence may occur in various ways. It might be sexual abuse or physical abuse, but it might also be psychological, economic, or emotional abuse. Men and women both can be a victim of domestic violence.

Why hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer? 

Your lawyer will be your advocate who represents your interests. They will be by your side and make strategic decisions, like the evidence or who must testify for you. Only you will have the power to decide settlements.

The domestic violence lawyer can detail possible outcomes and best choices during trials and settlement. During the process, if you think your lawyer cannot represent you in the best way, you can talk to your lawyer about whatever they are missing out on or what they can. You have the authority to speak to another lawyer if you are not satisfied.

Hiring a Domestic Violence Lawyer CO at Lonn Heymann Law Firm, P.C.

At Lonn Heymann Law Firm, P.C., we have a record of successfully handling many cases of domestic violence in Denver. The extensive experience and good understanding of our lawyers have allowed them to handle domestic violence cases greatly. Their knowledge of CO law makes sure that you get the best defense against domestic violence cases.

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